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I have found the training to be a rich reintegration of the potential of creating a Lost Child project in Manchester, within our vibrant and complex communities of young people both involved and engaged in the arts and not at all. The training has brought to life the networks that surround the area and the passionate artist facilitators that could create something fantastic. David has brought about this realisation and lit a fire within me and producer of the Lost Child Manchester.

Alice Robinson, The Performers' Playground

The immersive 3-day Lost Child project in Gorse Hill Manchester was a transformative experience. Through play, discussion, games and reflection David Glass took us to the edge of our creative imagination, exploring the thresholds between art and therapy. I was inspired to see how the relatively simple act of a few adults playing together in a room sparking our own inner childlikeness, could ignite so much discussion on how to help engage with the Lost Child all around us

Tony Vino, Comedian

I honestly described that training as life changing, as dramatic as that might sound. It re-grounded me and allowed me to focus less on the practicality of the situation, but to look and search for what inspires me. It re-lit a fire of excitement in me. It made me realise that I need to be in those rooms / spaces and surrounded by those people more often, and I have the power to decide that and seek it out.

Millie Bottomley, Ex Contact Theatre Producer

Working with David Glass and associates on Lost Child gave me hope and a renewed energy and vigour for the power of creative processes in bringing together people of all ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. The opportunity for growth, connectivity and healing is wondrous and so apparent in this positive and supportive environment. It felt good to be alive there.

Emma Howard, Yoga Practitioner

Thank you!! David Glass Definitely much more than a small part! Your methods, training and madness stay with me always ❤️

Jake McDaid

Firstly, thank you so much for inviting me to "play" and be part of something that I feel has meaning and purpose and is where I am supposed to be right now. I am going to find it hard to put into words not just how the 3 days were but what it means for me in thinking more about my own practice and where I go next.

I definitely feel like I am on the cusp of new beginnings in my work life, and I feel you have opened up more avenues and spaces and people to me.

David - well where can I even begin. It is true, Alice, when you said it is hard to explain what he is like. He is a fire starter; he ignites something in people and is just himself that it is easy to be just yourself too. What has been playing on my mind a lot (excuse the bad pun) and what you do Alice in your work is look at PLAY and why as adults we lose the ability to play, or we push it away as something that is for children, childish.  I don't think we forget how to do it, but society imposes these lines around us and we feel we can't or shouldn't step over these lines.

"Play the serious stuff" that struck a chord in me as an applied theatre practitioner because that's what we try to do, in our work. We don't shy away from the pain or the sorrow, the anger or the trauma but use play to enable us all to find our way through those things, participants and facilitators alike. I think possibly having a monthly space to play if a community of artists is set up would be very beneficial.

Again the "Therapeutic not Therapy" hit home. I do feel like my work is therapeutic. Through my Mothers in Crisis project (nearly half way through a 2 year project now) I feel like it has helped me deal with the bad memories/experiences I had during Covid and I feel it is doing the same with my participants through play, connecting and being creative. I feel a bit more like the real me again.

Rosarie Walsh, Applied Theatre Practitioner

Thank you David. The Alchemy framework played a major part in this. Your teaching, provocations, and support continue to inspire me on as I continue to find my feet and place in this strange world.

Robert McClosky

Thank you for sharing David! You are a significant part of offering the space to the journey of finding this voice! And alchemy of the extraordinary course for sure! ❤️


I really enjoyed the workshop with David.

There were many parallels between the approach the Lost Child takes to connecting with young people, and my own holistic practice. I felt there was scope for collaboration.

I found David to be absorbed in his passion for his project and for play, and I wanted to explore the concept of play further.

I'm always interested in passionate people and find their energy infectious.

I would have welcomed the opportunity to spend a bit more time with him.

April Manderson

I have such deep respect for the tenacity and integrity and brilliance of you and your work x

Rosy Pendlebaby

David began by having us sit on the floor at child’s height. It was an intentional democratic move to say we come to this as children, with curiosity and openness. That’s how our sessions began and continued with a tender heart for tough topics. I’m still pondering our learning and growing into the principles outlined. I can now see where Alice and Mark stole some of their best material from!

Azariah France, Williams Priest

If you can attend this Training it will be extraordinary. I did two weeks with David Glass many moons ago and I still draw from it.

Sue Buckmaster

It was one of the best courses I've been on!

Soley Danielsen


What a fantastic privilege to have been in rehearsals for The Brides this last 10 days with David Glass and the incredible female performers (and one iconic man) of the ensemble, for the creation of this dynamic piece of devised physical theatre. So much respect for everyone involved! ❤️😍❤️

Performers! Want to reignite your playfulness and shake up your practice with a devising master craftsman? i.e. the awesome David Glass!

Amy Hailwood

It was exceptional and bold theatre! Bravo!

Christina Fulcher

It was so wonderful to see The Brides at Jackson’s Lane Arts Centre last night. What wild energy, ragged around the edges but full of gorgeous dirty life!

Julie Ward

Bloody brilliant!

Anthony Roberts

Really loved the show and have already told a few friends around Siena. Wish everyone knew what they see is first and foremost what they make of it themselves (that's also what makes it so precious to talk about it later).

What a treat to witness so much work and the uniqueness of each performer shining through, and now have years to remember.


Festival stalwart David Glass and his ensemble embody, in some respects, the ethos of the event:

International. Inclusive. Innovative.

Claire Brennon

One of the true genius maverick auteurs we still have. We need our punk rebels now more than ever. For anyone who loves the wild free untethered imagination let loose on stage you should definitely catch his work while you can...

Patrick Kealey

One of the most influential theatrical gurus of my generation! X

Josh Elwell

Disembodied, one of the first shows I saw as I arrived in London. Unforgettable. Beautiful. Unique. Will never forget the initial walk and all the rest. Very touching as well.

Chiara De Paulo

Dearest David, you mad trailblazing inspiration of massive mouth and heart; may your next stomp round the sun see you blessing and cursing us as we run and leap to the beat of your wild drum

Melissa Eveleigh

The theatre landscape would be a very different place if you hadn’t been in it. So we should all be very grateful for your 65 years on this planet. Here’s to many more years of inspiring a new generation of theatre makers.

Liam Steele

Hey! We’ve got a really cool partnership happening next month. David Glass is a kind and mischievous genius, and we’re honoured to be Co-presenting his Seattle workshops!

Adam Epstein

Celebrity Endorsement

David Glass’s Creative Practice is a unique and courageous exploration of the archetypal experience of being human

Peter Brook, International Theatre Director

He has a unique imagination and a truly political provocation. David makes theatre about things that matter.”

Paule Constable, Olivier and Tony Award Winning Lighting Designer

David Glass Ensemble is a creative powerhouse with innovation at its heart. David’s thinking has been woven through the UK’s Art in Business movement, inspiring my work with organisations around the world, and that of countless others.”

David Pearl, Founder - Pearl Group, World Leader in Corporate Creativity and The Arts

David is one of the great teachers and artists of our time who has never been afraid to examine truth in all its manifestations; both beautiful and ugly, and has touched thousands of souls in a lifelong quest to connect and build meaningful relationships. He has the rare gift of marrying the deep intellect and knowledge of a scholar with the playful inquisitiveness of a child.

Amit Lahav, Artistic Director - Gecko

David Glass remains one of the pioneers and key figures of British and International Theatre.” 

John McGrath, Artistic Director of Manchester International Festival
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