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Posted on 30 March 2021 by Enzo


At the David Glass Ensemble, we believe that creativity sits at the heart of how organisations work, how communities achieve wellbeing and how people and communities reach their full potential. 

“David Glass Ensemble is a creative powerhouse with innovation at its heart.”
 —David Pearl, Founder, Pearl Group

“They have an exceptional talent for developing talent, and liberating young peoples’ energy and innovation.”
—Michael Maynard, Maynard Leigh Associates

Audience: ages 7-13

Workshop Time: Saturdays at 4.30pm (UK) starting April 24, 2021

Workshop Cost: £15/workshop, £80 for all 6 sessions

Workshop Facilitators: Simon Gleave, Elisabeth Gunawan




Creativity and creative thinking is increasingly on the agendas of all schools and universities. In order to enable students to think differently and creatively, we empower them to inhabit their whole person and to discover their own unique creative processes. We do not focus on imparting specific technical creative skills, but to teach the students how to be creative and how to apply it to any area of their lives.

This six-session program of learning gives students clear tools, skills and a well tested framework from which to explore their own creativity, collaborate with others and learn practical tools and skills. We will engage your children to create and explore through the expressive forms of storytelling, devised theatre, art, photography, music and film. Our courses will help them develop greater creative literacy, emotional intelligence, empathy and confidence.

We will cover and experience in-depth the Five Stages of the Creative Process:

  • Preparation

    • Creating a safe environment
    • Becoming aware of your awareness
    • Lowering judgement
    • Learning to give and receive
    • Encouraging playfulness 
  • Origination

    • Learning to say ‘Yes and…’
    • Exploring ‘What if …then?’
  • Organisation

    • Discovering connections and relationships
    • Revealing meanings from the world around us
    • Clusters and Constellations of ideas, themes and topics
    • Story structure: beginning, middle and end
  • Manifestation

    • Integration and transformation of ideas into
    • Focus, intensification and performance
    • Being aware of the qualities of ‘Manifestation’
  • Reflection 

    • Reflective behavior
    • Sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings
    • Giving and receiving constructive feedback 


The students will use the practice to make simple projects in an expressive artistic medium of their choice, which might include creative writing, film and photography, story and scriptwriting, devised theatremaking, music and sound design and many more. We will guide the students in exploring their process through keeping artist’s notebooks using a combination of analogue methods and digital apps. This program will communicate in a presentation and sharing of the students’ work to their colleagues, friends and families.


Simon Gleave  is a teacher and tutor of creative education, namely drama and creative writing. He also works professionally as a performer, director and writer with international theatre companies. He teaches regularly at Holland Park Tutors.

"...Simon opened a door for us and we only had a glimpse of what that could be if we could have more time to do this. Watching the two other groups was so wonderful and so touching." (Wan Li, Creative Drama Workshop, Chengdu)

"When he was teaching us, he was not just working from the head he was working from his heart. ... He had this energy, making us be able to find our best, the best of ourselves." (Yan Tao, Creative Play Workshop, Chengdu)



Elisabeth Gunawan is a performer, theatremaker and teacher based in London. She has trained at New York University (B.A.) and RADA (M.A.) Before building her career in the creative industry, Elisabeth has five years experience working in Business and Marketing in Google Singapore. She is passionate about exploring creative skills that are applied both in the arts and business.






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