The Movement continues...

In January, as part of the London International Mime Festival, The Brides premiered in the UK with a six-night run at Jacksons Lane.

The Brides is described as a riotous celebration of misbehaviour. tenderness and power, of love, greed, death and rebirth, co-produced by David Glass Ensemble with Margherita Fusi & Silvia Bruni of Topi Dalmata, Italy. 

The Brides was nominated for an Offie award in the IDEA Production: Performance category and has received great reviews, including this one from Total Theatre Magazine

"There are gentle moments and dark moments, too, as we move through a cycle of birth, death and resurrection. The relationship between the Death Bride and the Brides sometimes evoke The House of Bernarda Alba. The Velvets’ ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ is a recurring motif, delivered by the women standing on chairs or sitting on the floor, gently singing the song whilst wearing blood-red blindfolds across their eyes. This is good, old fashioned (in the best sense of that term) physical theatre: strong but simple staging; inventive lighting; and basic props such as lengths of material, chairs and twigs used to great effect. And of course, it is the strength of the ensemble of eight great performers that wins the day. Bravo, Brides!"

Dorothy Max-Prior, January 2023, Total Theatre Magazine

This is just the start of the journey - The Brides will be envisioned and performed in locations internationally.

The Movement is just beginning...

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