As part of Sparkfest 2021, the David Glass Ensemble will be presenting a scratch performance of our new piece "Silence" as well as a workshop "The Authentic Voice"


Thursday 20th May Performance at 7.30pm / £5 - £8 - Widcombe Social Club
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‘Boredom’ was Hell. ‘Mortgage’ was Purgatory. But ‘Silence’ is Paradise. David Glass presents a scratch of his Devine Comedy Trilogy.

Directors are either arseholes or pains in the arse and Wilson Speculum is both. He’s also the most talented, brilliant and successful Avant Garde Theatre Director to have ever graced the planet but now Speculum’s days are numbered.

As he gets to the end of the longest technical rehearsal ever, three years of his greatest epic, the 48 hour long Silence (a co-production with every major theatre and festival in the world), Speculum’s life is in grave danger.

To celebrate his return to the stage after 16 years, David Glass presents his solo Paradiso section of his Devine Comedy Trilogy. Developed during lockdown in conversation with directors Mike AlfredsTom Morris and Julian Crouch.

“A physical language of his own that is so fluent it can make words seem cumbersome. Genuis.”The Independent

There will be a Q&A with David Glass after the performance.

Funded by Arts Council England and supported by London International Mime Festival.


Wednesday 19th May, 12 noon - 4pm - £25 / £20 (concession) - Widcombe Social Club
To sign up, contact us at

The Authentic voice focuses on two areas, firstly, the distinctive qualities and talents of the individual participants. The workshop helps unlock and reveal the particular ideas, concerns, feelings, images and narratives that are the bedrock of their creativity and potential. The second part of the workshop looks at how we engage these creative fragments with the world around us. How do we affect other people with who we are and what we want? Through a system of games, exercises and reflection, participants will gain greater confidence and awareness of their authentic voice and how to make this voice heard.

Blog post by Brennan Tutterrow


At the end of last year, I was working as the Assistant Director on Mayhem: A Post Punk Apocalopera with the David Glass Ensemble. Being inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, this piece speaks of humanity’s desire to fit in. In order to fit in to the collective, however, we must hide any uniqueness.


By Marja Vuori, theatre director
I was welcomed generously into the rehearsal room of remounting Bleak House by both the cast and creatives who gave me their support and embraced my contribution to the project. What David has done is surround himself with yes-people who embrace the process of making exceptional theatre.



Blog by Simon Gleave who plays Tulkinghorn & John Jarndyce


What is the Ensemble’s Bleak House?


How did the idea of reimaging Bleak House come about?

I saw Mike Alfreds Shared Experience version back in 1975 and had also read the book. Theatrically speaking, it was inspiring as well as thematically a cracking great story. Back in 2015 I was asked by AUB to direct a production and I suggested doing Mike’s adaption. However when I spoke to Mike, he said there was no script so I decided to do my own highly physical production incorporating aspects of melodrama in a contemporary way. It turned out to be very different from Mike’s version.


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