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The American 1975 shark-centred horror film Jaws was released to the public proudly declaring; “Soon you’ll be afraid to go in the water”. The threat of an incident – one that could grievously injure or kill someone – committed by some hidden beast was enough to genuinely put some people off water and swimming. There is something profoundly theatrical and captivating about an anxiety and fear so strong it can make one fearful of an act as simple as swimming. After all, one would think, what could be scarier than that? Perhaps an environment where no one is afraid of going into the water. Quite the opposite, we live in a world where people are now fearful to go into the air.


By Pablo Laguna who played Delbert Grady in Bath Spa Productions/David Glass Ensemble performance of 'Shining'


On the afternoon of the 17th March we were told that the six remaining performances of Shining were cancelled. This decision was taken as a measure to combat COVID-19. After eight performances distributed across four days, this collaborative project presented by Bath Spa Productions and the David Glass Ensemble came to an end. Shining was our own revision and tribute to Stanley Kubrick's film, based on Stephen King's novel. Now, I can't help but find irony in the fact that a piece which depicts the dangers of isolation was cancelled due to the population needing to go into lockdown. I guess there is life in theatre as much as there is theatre in life. (more…)

By Simon Gleave


As I write, Korina is pacing back and forth in the apartment unfolding and refolding clothes, unpacking then organising then dusting then repacking corners, moving chairs to make space then cleaning her hands and telling me to clean my hands and then cleaning her hands again. She is still in her dressing gown.


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