The Legacy of the David Glass Ensemble draws on our extraordinary history of theatre, devising, international touring and unparalleled creative educational and social programmes.

Our Legacy mode of creation draws from forty two years of touring, performing, developing and pioneering creative practice lead by David Glass. David and the Ensemble have not only created a body of work that has created an enormous range of stories, subject matter and styles but in so doing has has pioneered the fields of Physical, Visual, Devised, Adapted, Ensemble and Applied Theatre and in so doing transforming our idea of theatre, training and its reach into communities around the world.

The Brides

The Brides is a visually ravishing, provocative and hilarious evocation of ‘the feminine principle’. Twelve Brides awaken in ‘The Palace of Survival’ - they dance, fight, love and hope through the four seasons watched over by The Bride of Death. The expressive approach, rooted in the visceral exploration of emotion and imagination, unveils the intense…

Bleak House

Bleak House is a powerfully physical, gothic retelling of the Dickens’ novel that follows Esther Summerson’s search for family and identity set against a brutal legal system hell bent on destroying those beneath it. Pickpockets, prostitutes, rowdy drunks and con artists all feature, immersing us into a dank Victorian Britain, recreating the dark and dismal…

Boredom: Hell

When the entire world has turned to shit and your life is a living hell it's time to make porn. Not just porn but ‘boring’ porn.Twelve students who are about to graduate and with no hope of employment brick themselves up in their rancid rotting one bedroom bijou flat, take unacceptable amounts of prescription medication…


Mortgage (AKA the Filthy, Disgusting and Miserable Beatrice Gunta Mortgage): Lunatic, Murderess, Stage Manager. Burnt to a crisp, and in the care of two demonic drag-doctors, Mortgage isn’t having the best day. As we circumnavigate her miserable, short and terrible life down the corridors of the asylum (Purgatory), where the patients are sane and the…
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