The Lab will be a welcoming space in which the Ensemble and the communities around the world it serves can plant, nurture and grow new ideas new learning and new projects. The focus is on sustainability, collaboration and community.

At this extraordinary time of change in order to look forward we must also look back . David’s background in play, experimentation and exploration tells me we must again develop a Laboratory approach to developing new work, new learning and new relationships. The Lab is a space where we explore what it means to be human; an attempt to test our humanity through creativity, stories and theatre making. A return to the fundamentals of engaging and serving the community.

Requiem For Change

Inspired by Naomi Klein’s earth-shattering book This Changes Everything, the David Glass Ensemble, LASALLE College of the Arts (Faculty of Performing Arts) and East 15 Acting School presents a global collaboration. Requiem For Change is an epic devised work about the titanic struggle between late-Capitalism and Climate Change; potentially the last great story of humanity.


Responding to the mounting problem of the Climate Emergency and the lack of quality theatre work available for under 12’s, Galapagos will use the Ensemble’s Creative Practice and learning strand to grow a professionalised work of International Theatre that can link to emerging climate studies curriculum of primary schools, theatres and arts organizations dealing with…


'Boredom' was Hell. 'Mortgage' was Purgatory. But 'Silence' is Paradise. David Glass presents a scratch of his Divine Comedy Trilogy. Directors are either arseholes or pains in the arse and Wilson Speculum is both. He’s also the most talented, brilliant and successful Avant Garde Theatre Director to have ever graced the planet but now Speculum’s…
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