An Insight Into Bleak House Rehearsals

By Marja Vuori, theatre director
I was welcomed generously into the rehearsal room of remounting Bleak House by both the cast and creatives who gave me their support and embraced my contribution to the project. What David has done is surround himself with yes-people who embrace the process of making exceptional theatre.

 The process then shines through in the performance as a multilayered and relevant, current piece of theatre. While time is always of essence in making theatre, the ensemble refuses to give sacrifices to the time constraints and understands the importance of taking the journey into the destination together. The work of the ensemble is intense and demanding, but always allows time for discussion surrounding the theme of the project. David also took time despite the hectic schedule to discuss the nature of art and the work of a theatre artist with me and took interest in who I am as a director/performer.
I only spend one intense week with the ensemble, but I felt my creative batteries being recharged by the passionate ensemble and the experience helped me along in my artistic journey.
Photo from behind the scenes by Aimee Kember
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