The Brides

Co-produced by Topi Dalmata Siena and
David Glass Ensemble

Devised by the company and directed by
David Glass

The Brides is a visually ravishing, provocative and hilarious evocation of ‘the feminine principle’. Twelve Brides awaken in ‘The Palace of Survival’ - they dance, fight, love and hope through the four seasons watched over by The Bride of Death. The expressive approach, rooted in the visceral exploration of emotion and imagination, unveils the intense research carried out during the creative process and communicates the strength, desperation and beauty of ‘femininity’.

After it's successful debut in the beautiful Teatro dei Rozzi of Siena in 2017, The Brides continues to be developed in Singapore, Greece and the UK, each time collaborating with local female identifying community members and adapting to their nuanced experiences and perspectives. The next iteration will take place in Siena and London 2023.


"It was exceptional and bold theatre! Bravo!"
Christina Fulcher
"It was so wonderful to see The Brides at Jackson’s Lane Arts Centre last night. What wild energy, ragged around the edges but full of gorgeous dirty life!"
Julie Ward
"Really loved the show and have already told a few friends around Siena. Wish everyone knew what they see is first and foremost what they make of it themselves(that's also what makes it so precious to talk about it later). What a treat to witness so much work and the uniqueness of each performer shining through, and now have years to remember."
"Bloody brilliant!"
Anthony Roberts



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