Boredom: Hell

A terrifying travesty written and
directed by David Glass
When the entire world has turned to shit and your life is a living hell it's time to make porn. Not just porn but ‘boring’ porn.Twelve students who are about to graduate and with no hope of employment brick themselves up in their rancid rotting one bedroom bijou flat, take unacceptable amounts of prescription medication to ease the pain, and descend into a horrifyingly hilarious joy ride into hell. David Glass produces his darkest most desperately hilarious comedic epic ever. Verbally outrageous, physically gigantic and visually extraordinary. Rising Damp meets Natural Born Killers David Glass and the Ensemble have produced ground breaking theatre since 1990 and worked in over 70 countries. Bleak House in 2017 and Boredom are the first shows to grow out of an exciting partnership with Bath Spa University.


David Glass Ensemble
Theatre Building,
Bath Spa University,
Newton St Loe Newton Park
Bath, BA2 9BN
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