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On July 22nd 2011 Anders Breivik, a known far right extremist, shot dead 69 young people of a Workers Youth League summer camp on the Island of Utoya. It was to become the biggest European homeland terrorist attack in recent times. Although these 69 young voices have passed, their memories and stories will live on through arts engagement, creative discourse, and ultimately, celebration. The AB Project is an extraordinary three year International Youth Arts Participation Project where this real life tragedy will be explored as a source for positive expression and renewal. Between 2017 and 2020 the project will be developed through a series of seminars, workshops and devising processes and in 2020 the project will culminate in an International Youth Production, based loosely on the book ‘One Of Us’ by Asne Seierstad. The contemporary themes of political polarisation, social justice and hope will be interrogated through the form of performance and the digital arts.


Building on the David Glass Ensemble’s ground breaking The Lost Child Project (which created a platform for the voices of thousands of street children across 22 countries), the AB Project will use creative skill learning and critical reflection in order to train the artists and leaders of the future.

Countries involved so far include; England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Canada, Singapore and China.

A legacy of creative learning and peer to peer education will become a lasting resource to help prevent radicalisation and polarisation amongst the young worldwide.


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