5 Stages of Creative Practice, Denmark


A masterclass in Physical & Devised Theatre by David Glass


This 4-day workshop will give participants unique access to the five stages of creative practice method developed by renowned director and teacher David Glass. The five stages gives the participant a practical approach to physical and devised theatre, and gives the artist concrete tools to achieve a stronger presence on stage.

The workshop trains through five modes: Tools, Skills, Attitudes, Behaviour and Quality of Person. David uses ‘integrative learning’ circles to help students include what they already know into new ways of seeing, experiencing and reflecting. He see’s learning not as an ‘outcome’ but part of a holistic process that grows throughout a creative life.

The participants will come away with real tools, skills and insights that they can use immediately in any creative setting. The workshop will strengthen the participants self awareness as an artist. You will as participant gain clear insight in a practical approach to physical theatre and devising.

You will walk away from this workshop clearer, lighter and sharper.


Cost: 1.950,- DKK

Dates: 7-10 October 2020

Venue: National School of Performing Arts Denmark

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